Policy / Restriction


  • Vendors will enter from the drive in gate on Pecos Rd.
  • On Friday nights, vendors can enter the property at 2:00p.m.
  • On Saturdays and Sundays the gate opens at 5:00a.m.
  • On Friday nights, all vendors must be in their reserved space by 4:30p.m.
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, all vendors must be in their reserved space before 6:30a.m.
  • All items must be within the confines of your space. You are responsible for any damage caused by personal items located outside of your space.
  • On-line purchase invoices are required for admission to the market place.


  • Things that cannot be sold on property: No food or drinks (with the exception of produce, most prepackaged items and dried goods - vendors must have proper permits from the Health Department and approval from the management prior to selling), no baby formula, no alcoholic beverages, no stolen merchandise, no games of chance, no firearms, no fireworks, no flammable materials, no guns, no BB or pellet guns, no drugs, no drug paraphernalia, no hash or water pipes, no roach clips and paraphernalia associated with marijuana or any drug narcotic, no pornography, no illegal items or adult entertainment goods or services, no goods or services that infringe on or violate any copyright, patent or trademark, no counterfeit goods, no fortune telling or palm reading, no private or commercial vehicles, no endangered species or goods, merchandise or products made from endangered species and no personal health services.

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